ヴィンテージアイテムをうまく取り入れたコーディネイトをLAでスナップ! 今回は中でもデニムスタイルをピックアップ。カジュアルはもちろん、ちょっとキレイめの着こなしにもハマるヴィンテージデニム。参考にしたいポイントが満載だ。

1.Sean Vincent Carbonell/PEPE 1943 Owner

JACKET: 40s FINCK’S Hickory Stripe Chore Jacket
PANTS: 50s Big Mac Carpenter Denim
OTHERS: 50s Dobs Fedora
SHOES: 60s USN Service Shoes


JACKET: Rogue Territory Supply Jacket
PANTS: Mister Freedom Lot 64
SHIRT: Jcrew corduroy shirt
OTHERS: Mt. Hill jewelry, Oliver Peoples glasses
SHOES: Tecovas Ostrich roper

3.Spencer Otte/Podcaster/Editor

JACKET: vintage 1940s
VEST:Nigel Cabourn knit waistcoat
HAT: 1940s Stetson,
SHOES: vintage Luchesse

4.Joshua Hertel/Sales associate at Joyride Vintage/ Garrahan Hat Co

JACKET: 1800’s style Wabash Type 1 blouse
PANTS: Union of Friends Selvedge Denim
SHIRT: 3sixteen
OTHERS: Hollow Leather “Rail” belt with Charon adornments. 1950’s vintage Stetson Open Road hat. Vintage Navajo silver and turquoise ring. Vintage scorpion Mexican biker ring.
SHOES: Wesco Boss 7500 Engineer Boots

5.aki @akikazumatsuno/Dr.collector

JACKET: Levi’s big e type 3
PANTS: Dr.collector
SHIRT: single stitch black vintage tee
OTHERS: sheep wool bag
SHOES: Viacom Skagway hi

6.Josh Mar/film costumer

PANTS: Bronson
SHIRT: Levi’s
OTHERS: Fred Harvey cuffs, Mexican biker rings, laco watch Fred Harvey buckle
SHOES: Cochran

7.Drew Ung/Retail Manager

JACKET: Vintage Pulp Fiction
PANTS: Dickies
SHIRT: Vintage T-Shirt
OTHERS: Field & Stream Flannel
SHOES: Vans Crockett Hi

8.Chris Baris/operations

JACKET: vintage
OTHERS: Jacquemuse Hat
SHOES: converse x Braindead Vintage jewelry

9.Ryan Grant-Hays/Denim pattern & Sample maker

JACKET: wrangler
PANTS: Lee overalls (converted)
SHIRT: Harley Davidson
SHOES: thorough good roofing boots

10.William Worden/musician, producer

JACKET: Lee 70s vtg blazer
PANTS: 70s 517 Levi bells
SHIRT: shirt sleeve mock turtle neck (navy)
OTHERS: 60s Sears “Sunday Wear” cowboy hat
SHOES: 60s wrangler western ankle high bo

11.Olivier Grasset & Beatrice Grasset

(Olivier Grasset)
JACKET:Dr.Collectors sample
PANTS: p38 vintage brown corduroy with recycled peace Denim pocket
SHIRT: Woodstock Dr.Collectors
OTHERS: Necklace 1920 From Santo Domingo Pueblo
SHOES: Suicoke

(Beatrice Grasset)
JACKET:fisherman jacket indigo Dr Collectors
PANTS: p38 corduroy Palm
SHIRT:Kauai DbL face fabric green Army
OTHERS:necklace vintage bandanas
SHOES: suicoke

12.EXCEL @djexcel/DJ/Producer/Designer

JACKET: vintage Big Mac denim chore coat
PANTS: vintage US military chino
SHIRT: All-Time High Hoodie
OTHERS: 1967 Rolex GMT, Jacque Mari Mage Enzo, 1964 Harley Davidson Panhead “Freaky Lizard”
SHOES: All-Time High x Wesco Jobmaster

13.Mike Hodis/Designer

JACKET: the Brander RunaboutxProximity Mfg. Co.
PANTS: 59’s Vintage Work Chinos
SHIRT:Runabout Chambray
OTHERS:Navajo Roadrunner Silver and Turquoise pin *50’s Vintage silver Hot Rod trophy Buckle *hand Tooled belt By Rooster King *vintage 40’s felt Hat *ETA Black face military watch
SHOES: 40’s Herman Survivors

14.Matt Brodrick/co- founder Freebote

JACKET: Freenote Teamster Vest
PANTS: Freenote Belford
SHIRT: Freenote Shifter
OTHERS: Red Rabbit ring
SHOES: Lofgran

15.Colin Mitchell/Creative Director

SHIRT: Paloma Hayes Valley
OTHERS: watch – Lee… Quilt jacket – vintage from Alameda

16.Dee Lynn/Singer/Musician

JACKET: 1940s Bilt Well Chore coat
PANTS: 1940s Salt & pepper work pants
SHIRT: early 1920s Long John’s
OTHERS: 1930s cowboy hat Tom Mix style / 1920s sunglasses
SHOES: 1940s work boots unbranded
BAG: 1930s coal bag

17.Benji Pall/owner of Unholy Saints Los Angeles

JACKET: Type II Levis jacket
PANTS: duck camp hunting pants
SHIRT: vintage Harley davidson
OTHERS: jewelry The Great Frog, Good ArtHollywood
SHOES: Clark’s

18.Noah Johnson/Chainstitch Embroidery

SHIRT: vintage
SHOES: vintage lucchese boots

(出典/「CLUTCH2022年4月号 Vol.84」)